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Kitchen Sink Edits is Pam Elise Harris. I am a publishing professional with extensive experience editing educational materials, novels, and non-fiction. I like working closely with authors to give them the editorial experience they want without compromising their voice. My strengths include attention to detail and consistency.

My editorial journey began in April 2000 when I wound up at Cambridge University Press for a temp assignment. I found that I enjoyed the work, and by that summer I was a permanent member of the English Language Teaching department. While at Cambridge, I learned the publishing process from the bottom up. I was able to experience all the aspects of English Language Teaching before specializing in the secondary (ages 11-18) market where all things that started with A became my projects (arcades, art, audio scripts, answer keys). I largely focused on digital product such as websites and CD-ROMs. To see the full range of my work for Cambridge University Press, please see the Experience page.

I left Cambridge in April 2012 when I began freelance editing. In November 2012, my life changed. Several of my friends were doing National Novel Writing Month. I participated for the first time and wrote my first novel Oblivion. After that, I knew novels are where I wanted to focus, and I’ve been writing them and editing them ever since.